Sports Video Interop Group

Sports Video Interoperability Group Membership

The Sports Video Interoperability Group is guided by its membership to develop standards that allow video and metadata to be used across different applications. These applications are used by our respective customers who produce or consume sports video content. The SportsVideo Interoperability Group is a collaborative group who build and license technology, enabling this interoperability between sports video products.

Three classes of membership are offerred, these are not inclusive options, corporations may elect to participate in more than one as appropriate.

  • Tier 1 membership allows participating corporations to effect the development of existing standards and work with the organization to develop new standards. The Tier 1 level is a voting membership level and can also effect the election of the SportsVideo Interoperability Group managing directors.
  • Tier 2 membership allows the licensed technology to be used with any member products, effectively a technology license. If membership lapses, existing products may continue to be shipped. However any changes to the licensed technology may not be applied to those existing products. New products may not be announced which incorporate the licensed technology without a current Tier 2 membership.
  • Tier 3 membership allows corporations that have an interest in the development of standards used to propagate the interchange of rich media (video, audio, metadata) between organizations. But may not have a direct use for the technology and do not wish to actively participate at the Tier 1 level.  The Tier 3 level allows corporations to provide financial support of the Sports Video Interop Group.

Application for membership can be requested by contacting the  Managing Director.

Participating Corporation Membership
Member Website
LRSPORTS Founding Member Tier 1+2 2007
WEBB ELECTRONICS Founding Member Tier 1+2 2007
XOS Technologies Founding Member Tier 1+2 2007
DVSPORT Founding Member Tier 1+2 2007
NL Technology Founding Member Tier 1+2 2007
NFL Member Tier 1+2 2009
DragonFly Athletics Member Tier 2 2010
CSVA Member Tier 3 2011
Panasonic Corporation Member Tier 3 2012
Sony Electronics Member Tier 3 2012
Hudl Member Tier 2 2014
JVC Member Tier 2 2017