Sports Video Interop Group

Licensed Technology

The Sports Metadata Schema is available for license from the Sports Video Interoperability Group, Inc. The technology is based on a private schema, which is registered throught the SMPTE Organization under a private Data Element Definition - a Class 14 Identifier described as:

DMS_Sports Metadata for Sports analysis, carried in an MXF Descriptive Metadata Schema.

SMPTE Organization Registry

Further this schema is continually being extended and used under license by its membership .
In 2013 this schema was ported to an additional file type designated as .xchange


Copyright 2007-2017 Sports Video Interoperability Group, Inc.  With all rights reserved,
this Sports Metadata Schema is both copyrighted and licensed material and cannot 

be used or reproduced in any form without the permission of the Sports Video 
Interoperability Group, Inc.